HERBanukah Miracle the meaning & message for our greatest holiday concert yet

tmp_4737-img_20161209_025810-1696643121Barc the Buzzinbee led the rebellion against the Claudianistas with his happy  harmless and helpful Hebalists known as the Buzzinbee’s.  The sacramental herb  had given the herbalists a green empowered industry that healed  the sick, gave compassion to the lonely and brought prosperity and diversity to  the land

The evil Senator Toriochus invaded the lucrative and last free market of the Herbalists.  He wanted to destroy this holy herb healing culture for a corporate monopoly dreamed by the King of the Empire, the dashing King Truedont Matter.

Barc The Buzzinbee’s Herbalist culture was so peaceful that no one believed in the use of force the Claudianistas used.  The Senators troopers easily smoked the peaceful Herbalists  in one gruseome and horrifyingly destructive day.

The peace loving culture was in shock and awe as the herb industry lay in ruins and temples had the sacrament seized by Toriochus’  corporate loving troopers.

In the ruins of Claudianistas  the miracle of Herbunakah had arrived.  Barc had enough honey oil for one day yet it lasted 8 days and relit the spliffs of the temples.

Come celebrate this miracle at Barcs private venue The Grow Room with  live music, party favours  and headliner WarriorGrrlweedz CEO  Elissa Barclay  and other awesome guests.